We began by asking ourselves…

Could we utilise an iPhone to unlock the power of collaborative decision-making?
Yes! Make a brave new social network app.
Could it be created in such a way that ensured users responded truthfully to decision options?
Yes! Make users anonymous to each other, allowing them to answer without fear.
Could setting answer options ever reveal anything meaningful?
Yes! The volume of responses and how they’re split between gender, age and proximity can reveal empowering truth and insight.
Could you give an example?
Yes! After asking which shirt should be worn on a blind date with a female, later that evening the asking male filters responses to reveal what females/nearby/same age like most and decides to wear their most popular choice.
Could users have equal status, and it NOT favour celebrity/social status?
Yes! With anonymity, every user has equal status and unlimited reach to connect with other users. Hermit or socialite, celebrity or not, the ability to obtain unlimited responses from the crowd is equal.
Could it improve lives?
Yes! More conviction, more perspective, more confidence, more insight. And not forgetting, more fun!
Could it be available to download, right now?

Compose and send Flotsm

What scenario would you like help with? Write the Flotsm, add a photo, Float it, await crowd responses.

View and filter Flotsm responses

What does the crowd say? How do responses differ between combos of gender, age and proximity? What insights are revealed?

Respond to other people's Flotsm

What is the crowd asking you? What scenarios can you instantly help with?

Follow and search Flotsm topics

Influence what matters to you. Discover the truth of the matter.